Course Representatives

What is a Course Rep?

Also known as Programme Reps, Year Reps and Student Leaders, Course Reps represent the students on their course/programme of study. They are appointed by staff or elected by fellow students, and supported by their school or faculty.

Who do they represent?

Course Reps work with staff in the school and the School Rep, and usually do the following:

  • Collect feedback from students on their course through surveys or discussions;

  • Attend meetings with staff and the School Rep to pass on the feedback and negotiate changes for students;

  • Communicate the changes back to the students;

  • Sit on other meetings to replace the School Rep when unavailable;

  • Support the School Rep with campaigns, projects and events for the school.

Support and resources for current Course Reps

Course Reps are supported by their School, and you can contact your Student Support Office for support. LUU can also support you in lots of different ways: