School Rep Vacancies January 2021

Updated 8 February 2021 at 15:00.

Recruitment for School Reps has now closed. However, we are still interested to hear from eligible students from a number of areas, listed below. Email us at to express your interest.

We would like to hear from you if you are from one of the areas below and have an interest in the School Rep role.*:

  • PGT Media and Communication (January Start)

  • UG English

  • PGT English (Role share with the current Rep)

  • PGT Economics (September start)

  • PGT HRM (September or January start)

  • PGT - Faculty of Biological Sciences

  • PGT Dentistry (January Start)

  • PGT Healthcare

  • UG Social Work

  • PGT Medicine

  • PGT Psychology

  • PGT Chemistry

  • PGT Physics

  • PGT Geography

  • PGT Chemical and Process Engineering

*UG=Undergraduate; PGT=Taught Postgraduate; January Start=programmes that started in January 2021

You can only apply for a School Rep position in your parent School or Division (aka the School in which you are registered). You can only apply for a rep position at your level of study (eg. a postgraduate cannot be the undergraduate rep). Some roles might also be reserved for PGT students who started their course in January 2021. This will be indicated on the form. If a position does not specify a start date, it is open for students who started their course in both January and September.

If you are a postgraduate and your school does not appear on the list below, there may already be a School Rep in place. You can find your School Rep here.