Academic Rep Hub


The Academic Rep Hub is designed to support students who are already Reps, or who are ready to apply to become one. The Hub contains:

Are you a student interested in our Rep system or want to know what your Reps have been up to? If so, there's a page for you too! Visit the Academic Representation page on our LUU website for more information. 

Rep Wins & News

We love to celebrate all the great work our School Reps do within their school/faculty. Below you will find some of our recent School Rep wins!

Annika Nair (UG School of Food Science & Nutrition, 2023/2024)

“Student feedback helped me to encourage the School to provide more practice tests and exam preparation to build students’ confidence.” 

Raj Cowles (Lifelong Learning Centre, 23/24)

“I’ve represented LLC student voices to the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Education regarding our needs for spaces on campus.” 

Laura Sillitoe (UG School of Design, 2023/2024)

“I organised the School’s first School of Design Swap shop to improve the school’s sustainability, and help students with purchasing art materials.” 

Please check the LUU News page, the LUU Academic Representation page, and your various Rep Teams Channel (only accessible to current Reps) for regular updates.


What is the difference between a Course Rep, a School Rep and a Faculty Officer?

Course Reps are focused on improving your day to day academic experience - they can be approached for module specific feedback and overall course feedback. This might include things like teaching and assessment of specific modules, module enrolment, deadlines, access to resources and more. They work with Module and Course leaders to communicate student opinions and make quick changes that benefit you.

A School Rep is focused on monitoring overall opinions and feelings about the School in general. They often look at policies that will affect students on a wider scale and meet with Directors of Student Education for the entire School. They also attend LUU meetings to speak on your behalf about upcoming policy decisions.

Faculty Officers gather information from all the School Reps in a Faculty and use this to provide insights to senior decision-making bodies in the University so that your specific experience is considered for any University-wide policies. They work with the LUU Education Officer to review and suggest policy that is beneficial for all students.

LUU recruits School Reps and Faculty Officers, whilst Course Reps are recruited within Courses. All reps are trained by LUU and can access support throughout the year.

Could I be a Rep? 

Any student at Leeds is eligible to be an Academic Rep! Please check the relevant pages on this site for more information about School Reps, Course Reps and Faculty Officers.

Alternatively, you can email the Academic Engagement team for more information at

Why apply?

There are so many acronyms, what do they mean?!

Please see below for a small glossary of the most used acronyms and terms used in relation to the academic representative system:


This stands for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and is related to the University’s EDI Implementation Plan 2023-2025. Consequently,  each School has a form of - or will create - an EDI Committee. 


Student Staff Partnership Forum: a meeting for Course Reps and School Reps to meet with staff to discuss any student-based issues.


School Taught Student Education Committee: A meeting to allow School Reps to update the School on what they are working on. Issues and proposals affecting education within the School are also discussed. 


Faculty Taught Education Committee: An informal meeting to discuss student views between School Reps, the Faculty Officer, and the Pro-Dean for Student Education in the relevant Faculty. School Reps are asked to provide feedback reports to inform these meetings. 


This is the highest decision making body in the University. It is attended by various Deans of Education and the Education Executive Officer. Faculty Officers provide a report on their Faculty to be discussed at the meeting.

Education Assemblies

A meeting between your Education Officer and School Reps to discuss LUU policy (which is used to lobby the University)

Better Forums

A meeting to discuss policy proposals from students in addition to a gathering of Student Reps

How do I find my Academic Rep?

All Academic Reps should introduce themselves or make them themselves known to you either individually or via their School or Faculty when they begin their role. 

You can find your School Rep via this link: 

You can find your Course Reps and Faculty Officers by searching on your School’s web page or by contacting your School, Course leader or Faculty.