School Representatives

What is a School Rep?

School Representatives are student leaders appointed by LUU after a rigorous process, and are empowered to make positive, student-led change within their School. They represent (and re-present) the views of students in your School and work alongside Course Reps and staff to make your School better. Reps also take on their own projects and initiatives to improve life in their Schools.

They do these things by taking student feedback to University and LUU meetings and events, and by informing students of positive change made.

Who do they represent?

All students at their level (Undergraduate or Taught Postgraduate) studying in your school, division or department.

What do they actually do?

School Reps:

  • Speak to students regularly. They work with Course/ Programme/ Year Reps, and use surveys and focus groups to find out what students in their school think about their university experience;

  • Go to school and faculty level meetings to discuss the student feedback and negotiate changes to benefit students;

  • Meet with LUU staff and officers to talk about university wide projects and how the student experience can be improved;

  • Inform students of outcomes of the meetings to make sure you know how they represent you, where your feedback goes, and what actions result from it;

  • Attend LUU Better University Forum to analyse the ideas put forward at the forum through the perspective of your school;

  • They can deliver projects students in their school are interested in. These include educational projects, campaigns, and events to raise awareness or bring students together as a community.

What can you contact your School Rep for?

If you want to get in touch with your School Rep, you can search for them on the main LUU website. You can also ask members of staff in your school, as usually School Reps are very well known amongst staff.

You can contact them about:

  • School level academic issues that affect students on your programme;

  • Ideas for campaigns or projects that would benefit all students in the school;

  • If you need support and don’t know where you can find it - they might not be the person to help, but they can signpost you to the right place.

Outcomes achieved by school reps

Some of our 2019/20 School Reps explain what they got up to last year, and what they felt was rewarding about being a Rep:

“I created Wellbeing Wednesday in the School at the start of Semester 2, which then started to become a wider Faculty initiative [...]. There is now a Facebook Group for Student Wellbeing for the entire Faculty, which can be utilised for next year to advertise upcoming events and to ask students what they want in terms of wellbeing support.”

“One area that we tried to work on this year [...] is providing support to students especially those with protected characteristics on the year abroad and diversifying curriculums.”

“[I worked to i]mprove sustainability in the school by encouraging recycling more and justifying why having printed work is necessary in the case of our school”

“It feels very rewarding when you can support the student’s experience by making them be well-informed and facilitate the access to all of what the school has to offer! I’ve received a lot of thank you messages from students which is what motivates and encourages me to carry on trying to make improvements. Staff is also very supportive and encourage your initiatives and give you guidance all along.”

“In response to student feedback about wanting to experience a greater variety of [texts] before third year, we have successfully created a scheme in which second year students are able to sample a variety of third year lectures in order for students to be able to have a richer educational experience and be better informed in choosing their FYP topic.”

“[A] student came to me asking about taking a sabbatical year from [their] degree but didn't know how to do it - I managed to contact the right people and get [them] the information about the conditions of doing this, and point [them]in the right direction to talk to someone about making this possible”