School Representatives

What are School Reps?

School Reps are student leaders empowered to make positive, student-led change for taught programmes within their School. They do this by collating student feedback, contributing to University and LUU meetings and presenting the views of students in their School on important issues. PGR students have their own representation system which works similarly.

Usually applications for School Rep positions open around April of each year. However, throughout the year there may still be vacancies.

View the list of available roles HERE

The application process

Applicants will complete a short online form and may be invited to an informal interview. During the interview you’ll be asked some questions about yourself, why you would like to take on this role and why you are a good candidate. 

Questions commonly asked during interviews may be around your experience as a student, what issues you think exist in your school, your ideas for engaging with students and your approach to communication.

What do they do?

Why become a School Rep?

What makes a good School Rep?

Support & Resources for Current School Reps