School Representatives

⚠️Recruitment is now closed for School Reps for the Academic Year 2022/23 ⚠️

What do School Reps do?

  • Speaking on behalf of students and influence decision making at School, Faculty and University level as well as feeding back decisions to fellow students and reps

  • Collaborating with Course Reps to consult students in your School. You will actively seek students’ views on decisions that affect them, and listen to any issues that they are facing or positive feedback that they have

  • Connecting with academic societies in your School to gather student opinion and ensure students’ expectations are met in all areas

  • Contributing opinions to, and voting on important Students’ Union policy via LUU Better Forums

Why become a School Rep?

  • Achieve student-led change in your School

  • Develop skills including leadership, communication, self-confidence, diplomacy, feedback collection, public speaking, organisation and advocating for others - all key for life after Leeds!

  • Networking opportunities with Academics, Support Staff, Academic Societies, and other Reps across the University

  • Recognition for your contributions, including eligibility for awards as part of Celebrate Week and a certificate, a Rep badge and LUU lanyard entitling you to discounts!

  • Undertake unique training/development opportunities.

What makes a good Rep?

  • Having a passion for improving student education

  • Ability to communicate with a diverse range of students and staff

  • Ability to listen to, and represent, diverse viewpoints without bias

  • Well organised, and self-motivated

  • Ability to work in a team and share the load